[Case Studies] 어린이는 무엇을 믿는가 아카이브 전시 <플립 플립>

어린이는 무엇을 믿는가 지난 2012년부터 2019년까지 7 동안 Korea Arts & Culture Education Service 주최로 어린이가 예술가와 함께 진행한 프로젝트이다. 특히 이번 전시 어린이는 무엇을 믿는가 아카이브 전시 <플립 플립> 그동안 미처 보여 주지 못한, 혹은 보여주지 않은 7 동안의 기록을 선보이는 전시이다. 전시는 787명의 어린이, 80명의 예술가가 함께 만든 42 프로그램의 과정을 조망하면서, 과정 뒤에 있던 수많은 질문과 고민, 노력을 앞으로 꺼내어 본다.

We considered the graphics of the exhibition in two ways. First of all, it is the exhibition identity design. For the past six years, this project exhibition has shown the main logo on the front page and has changed color every year. But, we design a new graphic instead of using an easy way to get this main logo back on. We chose a title typeface that can be visually appealing and mingled with the title Hangul. This typeface also had the advantage of continuing the cheerful tone of the exhibition. We also adjust the line thickness, line-to-space ratio around the typeface so that the hearing and tactile elements can be simultaneously associated with the typeface as the voices of these types are amplified. And then we modularized it all to create a logic for the exhibition graphics. Each graphic element, including the typeface, was made of a painting, a note, a pencil, a binding box, etc. That allowed visitors to capture the design during the exhibition period.

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