Rebel9 is a Super Group of Graphic Designers Programmers Engineers Motion Designers and Archivists.

A Super-Duper Lab for Tomorrow's Cultural Experience

Rebel9 is a creative group composed of experts from various fields, including planners, programmers, graphic designers, space designers, motion designers, museum & archive researchers who are agonizing over tomorrow's cultural experiences. Rebel9 continues collaborative and creative activities based on the rebellious spirit that rejects the format of today. The goal is to create a new cultural experience by converging data technology and physical space, especially based on cultural archives.

What We Do

There is no limit to the capabilities of Rebel9. Traditional areas such as planning, systems, web, museum exhibition, commercial spaces, graphics, publishing, and video production are not obstacles to Rebel9. Rebel9 is focusing on the value of tomorrow’s cultural experience and find our own solutions.


Nevertheless, Rebel9 is always driven by three approaches and strategies. Firstly, Rebel9 starts with ‘resource’. Archive, collection, content, materials, cultural resources whatever you call it, A good ‘resource’ is a must for today’s cultural experience. Rebel9 is therefore centered on archive, database systems for it, and pipelines of creation. We believe that a good ‘resource’ eventually leads to the creation of a good experience.


Secondly, Rebel9 focuses on the ‘experience’ of Millennials. No matter how good the material is, our cultural experience is completely different, depending on how we deliver it. There is no eternal answer to designing an experience. Data technology and digital media are rapidly changing the daily lives and experiences of the Millennials. So Rebel9 is always looking at today’s experience patterns. Considering changing value and experience of Millennials, Rebel9 presents a solution that no one has found.


Thirdly, eventually, the difference is made by continuous ‘research’. Tomorrow’s values and goals are constantly being rediscovered, but the strategies of Rebel9 never cease in only text. The result of the new experience must always be tactical strategy and digital system. Rebel9’s DeX Lab (Data Experience Laboratory) is researching solutions that create a changing cultural experience and a new viewing environment for museums and cultural institutions.

Rebel9 encompasses almost every tangible and intangible cultural experience and value we meet in our daily lives. It covers not only artifacts from the past, modern products, but stories and memories that are left in writing and communicated among the public. And then we build a database, and we archive your experience. There’s Rebel9 in physical space and online, and everywhere else that’s reborn as an tomorrow’s cultural experience.

We have won numerous awards, most notably, the 2016 Red Dot Award under Communication Design. We were also awarded the iF DESIGN AWARD 2017 in Interior Architecture — Exhibition. In 2017, We were named as one of the winners in the ‘installation’  discipline by the STA 100 (The Society of Typographic Arts).


Moving forward, we strive to produce more excellent work worthy of more similar recognitions. Although such rewards are not all of our purpose for making good work, but they are intricately part of our motivation.

We’re knit tight—in people and process. We like knowing clients well, sharing real emotions and responding promptly. We’re passionate about our work because we’re selective about our projects. We make spaces that are comfortable, new and thrilling. We never accept boring.

Get In Touch

For new business enquiries, drop us an email at :   We are always looking for talented designers, media artists, developers, programmers and product designers to work hand in hand at Rebel9. If you think that you have what it takes, address your enquiries to :  

04401, 17, Hannam-daero 21-gil, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea

(+82) 70 7856 0007

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