Yoo Lizzy : A Philosophic Metalsmith


Seoul Museum of Craft Art introduced works and materials that Yoo Lizzy worked on throughout her life at the special exhibition Yoo Lizzy : A Philosophic Metalsmith and commemorates the large-scale donation of modern metalsmith Yoo Lizzy. Rebel9 constructed an online exhibition that can be viewed on the museum website even after the exhibition is over. In conjunction with the display materials used in offline exhibitions, we generated virtual exhibition contents. Yoo Lizzy : A Philosophic Metalsmith is organized into four sections: “home”, “VR Tour,” which allows users to examine exhibition information in 3D exhibition space, “Wind Letter”, which includes stories and interactive features, and “Philosophic Workbench”, a play page that incorporates exhibition materials.



Home & VR Tour

The “Home” of the online exhibition was made by incorporating interactivity elements and pictures of Yoo Lizzy’s notable works. Curved tiles that represent the wind make up the image of works. The tiles turn over like a wind as you move the mouse pointer between them. We sought to demonstrate the sense of the fingertip and the natural image that Yoo Lizzy stressed while experimenting with the mouse cursor’s interaction effect. 


When you enter the “VR Tour”, you can access the 3D exhibition space. By pressing the button, you can examine the exhibition text and important artwork information (name, specification, description, and image), as well as freely navigate the exhibition space using the mouse and keyboard.

Sketch for Home
VR Tour


VR Tour” of Yoo Lizzy : A Philosophic was created with Memex. Memex is a CMS platform that allows for the convenient management of updatable resources.

Memex CMS Platform
Memex CMS Platform


In the story tour “Wind Letter”, You can see the universe of Yoo Lizzy’s art through her letter. Look for Yoo Lizzy’s letter in the 3D exhibition space, and look around the exhibition space for the work described in the letter. After reading all the letters, I write a letter for Yoo Lizzy. Beyond the writer-audience relationship, “Wind Letter” reveals the character of Yoo Lizzy through daily conversations. The natural image that Yoo Lizzy portrayed in her work is embodied by airplane-shaped letters and wind-like illustrations.

Illustrations of Stamps, Stationery, and Envelope
Click on the letter in the 3D exhibition space to read it.
Write a letter about what you want to tell Yoo Lizzy.


In “Philosophic Workbench”, you can feel the motivation of Yoo Lizzy in front of the workbench through the experience of matching archive materials. Tools, materials, and notes for the author are kept in the workbench’s drawers. Open drawers one by one, match materials, and complete one piece of work. 


During the data matching stage, the studio wall was transformed into a natural panorama in order to reveal the natural vision that Yoo Lizzy wished to convey. Adding ambient sounds like hammering and tinkering helps to build the studio’s mood.

When you open the workbench drawer, you can see the archive materials.
When matched, the wall of the studio is converted into a natural panorama.
Yoo Lizzy’s Workbench on Display
Archive Materials
Illustration of Yoo Lizzy’s Work Notes, Materials, and Tools

Project supervision: Sunhyuck Kim
Content development: Yongwoo Kim
Art direction: Jungwook Kim
Graphic design: Hwajeong Shin(Assistant: Hanseul Park)
Illustration: Hwajeong Shin, Yoonjoo Sung
Web development: Kyounghoon Choi
Server development: Jonghan Park
QA: Yongwoo Kim, Hwajeong Shin, Dachan Jeong
Sound: Minji Kim

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