2020 Jungnang Art Center Special Exhibition VR Website

2020 Jungnang Art Center Special Exhibition VR website, which exhibits modern Korean history based on feed related to Manguri Park —it’s located in Seoul, can be viewed simultaneously at the Jungnang Art Center and the online exhibition hall 1 from October 7 to November 22, 2020.


Visitors who access this online exhibition watch three overlapping times. Regardless of the visitor’s access environment, the experience on the first screen is the same. When you drag your finger onto the screen, pieces of time image appear. The images, based on the ancient map of Manguri, satellite maps and documentary paintings of the Joseon Dynasty, are overlaid with three layers to respond to visitors’ fingers.


Visitors who are unable to visit the exhibition room can experience the site indirectly through 360-degree panoramic images and VR functions.


We hope the online exhibition will work in a different way than the one that embodies the real exhibition hall.


2020, website, variable size

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2020 Jungnang Art Center Special Exhibition VR Website
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