A Cinematic VR

A Cinematic VR

Gwageo: Gateway to Success in Joseon Dynasty

Experience historical events with VR for Oculus Quest 2


A Cinematic VR is a virtual reality art experience series by Rebel9’s Dexlab(Data experience). Cinematic VR is based on scenarios.


One of the series, “Gwageo: Gateway to Success in Joseon Dynasty” experiences Joseon history through VR. Now you can experience the past Korean imperial exam system 400 years ago by traveling in time. You can buy paper for exam, register for the officer test, and then go through writing at the test site where ink stick and ink stone are placed. Places and events are changed based on historical facts.


You can experience the delicate interface of picking up or placing objects by moving your fingers in a virtual environment.


Organized by CAU Humanities Research Institute

Made by Rebel9 Dexlab

Supported by National Research Foundation of Korea, Ministry of Education, CHUNG ANG University industry Academic Cooperation Foundation

A Cinematic VR (Full HD)
A Cinematic VR
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