‘APAP Archive Media’ of Anyang Public Art Project (APAP) contains all the data from “APAP 1” in 2005 to “APAP 6” in 2019.


This media can show more than 300 pieces of information on works, 3,500 images and videos, information on episode discrimination, and information on APAP’s history. Various public works of art presented throughout the city, including Anyang Art Park, were visualized in the virtual Anyang City area, which was reconstructed in 3D.


Visitors can find a virtual Anyang City topography drawing centered on APAP works. It uses a physical joystick interface to explore Anyang City as if it were playing a game. Various materials, such as work and installation process of works and maintenance records of works, are freely available. In addition, APAP works can be proposed under various themes, and location information can be printed so that visitors can visit them in person.




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