Archive Exhibition for The 1st Anniversary of The Asia Culture Center, ACC in Flux

ACC in Flux is the archive exhibition for the 1st anniversary of the Asia Culture Center. It aims to demonstrate the ACC’s efforts to improve its organization through communication and convergence with other fields in various countries. ACC in Flux displays the preparatory process through creation based on contents and organization data collected before and after its launch in 2015. These include the contents of ongoing programs.


It highlights results of various human and materials exchanges that have been conducted via the ACC under the theme of ‘Connect & Exchange’ from 2002 to 2016. It also shows scenes where ideas that have been exchanged between various fields in many countries turn into rich and in-depth cultural contents. To this end, the focus is on links that have been established for more than ten years between various parties, such as researchers at home and abroad, artists, local communities, and visitors through the medium of the ACC.


The exhibition attempts to take the form of a digital archive exhibition rather than an analog archive exhibition, and adopts the digital operating system using Internet of Things (IoT) and VR technologies in order to help visitors understand and grasp numerous links and accumulated data more intuitively. Also, The exhibition is composed of ACC Timeline, IoT Exhibition Service, VR ZONE The Virtual Museum of ACC Asia Cultural Resources, Outro, and ACC NOW—ACC Poster Wall.


The technologies applied to the exhibition are supported by the Korean Creative Content Agency (KOCCA) 2016 K-CT Free Competition Foster Project and the National IT Industry Promotion Agency (NIPA) 2016 IoT Industries Foster Project.


Host: Asia Culture Center
Plan & Production: Asia Culture Institute
Media Design & Development: Asia Culture Institute, rebel9, t2t System, iotaLABS
Space Design: s’nana project
Graphic Design: Eunjoo Hong Hyungjae Kim

Admission to ACC IN FLUX : Registration & Deregistration of ACC BeaconPass
ACC Timeline
ACC Index Map
The VR zone exhibition service : The Virtual Museum of the ACC Asia Cultural Resources
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