Crafts in Fashion

OVERVIEW Crafts in Fashion was an exhibition hosted by the Seoul Museum of Craft Art with the theme of craft elements and spirit contained in fashion. The exhibition introduced craft elements in the works of first-generation fashion designers such as Kyungja Choi and Nora Noh. Rebel9 constructed an online exhibition that can be viewed on the museum website even after the exhibition is over. In conjunction with the display materials used in offline exhibitions, we generated virtual exhibition contents. Crafts in Fashion is organized into four sections: “home”, “VR Tour,” which allows users to examine exhibition information in 3D exhibition space, “Story Tour,” which includes stories and interactive features, and “Make your own SeMoCA,” a play page that incorporates exhibition materials.

Home & VR Tour

Interactive components and the main works of the exhibition are displayed on the “Home“ of the online exhibition. The displayed works’ craft-related elements can be seen as the mouse cursor moves over them. The fashion design tool used in the exhibition poster was used for the mouse cursor. When you enter the “VR Tour”, you can access the 3D exhibition space. By pressing the button, you can examine the exhibition text and important artwork information (name, specification, description, and image), as well as freely navigate the exhibition space using the mouse and keyboard.

VR Tour


VR Tour” of Crafts in Fashion was created with Memex. Memex is a CMS platform that allows for the convenient management of updatable resources.

Memex CMS 플랫폼
Memex CMS 플랫폼


“Story Tour” adds experience elements to the 3D exhibition space. Explore the exhibition space, pick your favorite works, and emoji it. Visualize the works I selected and the data accumulated from the audience’s decisions, and compile the responses visitors make online while viewing the exhibition. The “View My Choice” screen’s highlight function improves focus, and switching to the “View Everyone’s Choice” screen on a light background evokes the mood by conveying a feeling of openness.

Click Button to Enter Story Tour.
Select works and give emojis in the exhibition space.
View My Choice: The selected works appear with the spotlight.
View Everyone's Choice: The number of times each work is selected is accumulated.

“Make your own SeMoCA“ is an online exhibition where you can use costume styles, craft techniques, and other customizing aspects to build your own fashion figures. In “Make your own SeMoCA” we comprehend and employ craft skills Just as we deal with craft techniques as a way of expressing individuality in exhibition. There are a total of eight custom steps in the figure’s production: costume style, skin color, hair length, hair color, costume color, craft element, and packaging box color. To represent and promote your individuality, create figures with neutral-looking illustrations and offer a variety of choices. We intended to pique the interest of the MZ generation by using simple illustrations with vivid colors, which openly reflect their personality.

Appearance Step
Costume Step
Fashion Figures with Craft Element
Write your own fashion cheat code.
Customized Fashion Figure Kits

Project supervision: Sunhyuck Kim
Content development: Yongwoo Kim
Art direction: Jungwook Kim
Graphic design: Hwajeong Shin(Assistant: Hanseul Park)
Web development: Kyounghoon Choi
Server development: Jonghan Park
QA: Yongwoo Kim, Hwajeong Shin, Dachan Jeong
Illustration: Yoonjoo Sung

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