Culture Station Seoul 284: Tour Guide Program

Rebel9 designed and developed an archive media piece for a permanent program of Culture Station Seoul 284. Culture Station Seoul 284’s Archive Media shows 143 selected records, and there are archive media that are explored through data-to-material relationships and the docent media, which serves as a guide for space tours. Culture Station Seoul 284’s Archives offer the data type, people, place. Also, using other word filters that enables visitors to make a continuous, linked search between the data. Tagging the media with an archive card also adds an analogous feeling to the experience.


Former Seoul Station and current Culture Station Seoul 284 are the sites of Korea’s modern history. The docent Media is connected to the reservation page of the space tour or to a Culture Station 284 before visiting the inside of the place. Visitors can experience the flow of Culture Station Seoul 284’s history by looking around images of “before and after” for each space, or by reading newspaper articles related to the space. People can tag a replica of a space-representing element onto the media to see the material in that space right away.


Cart Design, Studio COM

Culture Station Seoul 284: Tour Guide Program
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