Hanyangdoseong Exhibition & Visitor Center in Hyehwa-dong

Hyehwa-dong The former Seoul Metropolitan Government Office has been transformed into the <Hanyang City Hyehwa-dong Exhibition Information Center>. Hyehwa-dong Old Market Mansion is a wooden building built in 1941. It was used as a chief justice of the Supreme Court for the first time since 1959 after the end of the Japanese occupation and the liberation period. It was the residence of the former Seoul Mayor from 1980 to 2013. Rebel9 designed and developed projection mapping content on a 5.4-meter Hyehwa-dong model that reproduced 1941. Visitors can experience the story of Hyehwa-dong of the era, the story of each village, the change of the building, etc. as a motion graphic image through the kiosk placed in front of the model. The story begins with the history of Hanyang.

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