Intersection of Memory

“There were two roads in the woods, but I chose a lesser path, and it changed my destiny” All the important choices in life are made at crossroads. As well as the inner choice of the individual, the encounter with the person is also a continuation of the choice placed on the fork. So we are always standing on the crossroads in life. This turning point has become an important motif in expressing the time and content of the Academy’s past two years as media work. First, because the intersection can be found in the specific nature of the academy (called the convergence of this age).


At that crossroads, the creators spent two years trying to make sense of their work, and even life. The intersection can also be an important motif in the same timeline media as this work, which requires multiple memories to penetrate in one direction and one direction in one direction. In conceptualizing the task, the concept of intersection affects the morphological dimension beyond the subject matter. The flow of time runs vertically, but to individuals it is like a crossing point where certain points in time are suddenly staggered.


The intersection of vertical and ascending time, the intersection at the point leading to the floor, the intersection of Madeleine (the object) that evokes the wall of time and the time of memory, and the intersection of the movement axis of the people moving in the lobby and the media. I’ve hidden the intersection. I think of Proud’s Madeleine (things), and another Proust’s way to recall the memory of time.

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