Nam June Paik Memorial House App

Rebel9 designed and developed a foreigner and kids guide iPad app for the Nam June Paik Memorial House. The Nam June Paik Memorial House Guide app, done in English and introduces the contents and works at the house. It is a small collection of books that can be used a guide to understand Nam June Paik.


For the kids app, we used on a series of works by Kim Sang-don who had earlier reinterpreted Paik’s work, a virtual museum by Rebel9, and a narrative panel of stories of Nam June Paik, who was born in Changsin-dong and became a global artist. The NJP Kids app is tailored to the see the works through a child’s view point. Through this app, children can explore the art world of Nam June Paik through the steps of “Learn,” “Activity” and “Imagine.”

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