NJP Virtual Museum

<Nam June Paik’s Almost Everything_ Nam June Paik’s Virtual Museum> is a virtual museum where Paik’s history, exhibition history, works, and essays can be viewed. The audience can sit in front of an analog TV set, choose a menu with a TV channel dial and search the data world for Paik. The Virtual Museum contains 782 pieces of information and 425 pieces of image data. Nam June Paik, who was a world traveler, has 128 city names. In the initial screen of <Nam June Paik Almost Everything Nam June Paik Virtual Museum>, the performance of Paik Nam June, Paik as a major artist of Fluxus and the sound of the scene flow on the background of concept map of Fluxus, which was a radical international avant-garde art movement. Nam June Paik’s almost everything is designed as an open database medium for uploading Paik’s story about Paik’s memories.

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