7017 Kaleidoscope, 萬.華.京-18,176 Days of Sculpture

It has been three years since the Seoul Station overpass changed to Seoullo 7017. Rebel9’s “7017, Kaleidoscope, 萬 萬. 華 18,176 Days of Sculpture” is an exhibition of scenes from “Seoullo 7017” that reflect the modern and contemporary history of Seoul and the lives of citizens, just as the light reflected in the mirror in the kaleidoscope constantly creates beautiful shapes of various colors.


The overpass at Seoul Station was completed on August 15, 1970. The heavy and straightened overpass of Seoul Station was itself a symbol of industrial modernization. The average number of vehicles using the Seoul Station overpass connecting Toegye-ro, Mallijae-ro, and Cheongpa-ro was 46,000 per day, making it a major conduit for moving supplies from surrounding industries. However, over 40 years, the overpass at Seoul Station has also aged, and various safety issues have been raised to the point where the remaining life span is only 2-3 years.


After numerous discussions and studies, the Seoul Station overpass was reborn on May 20, 2017. Seoullo 7017, which has returned to citizens as a symbol of garden culture and walking culture, while preserving the historical value and meaning of urban infrastructure, not demolition. It is a place where you can enjoy music flowing through the flowers in full bloom in spring, cool water play in summer, red maple parade in autumn, and warm Christmas events in winter. It is a landscape where you can meet and enjoy walking 7017 to Seoul in all four seasons.


Until the heavy concrete road turns into a green walkway and citizens’ footsteps and hands are added to it, the 18,176 days of Seoullo  7017 days are the past and present of Seoul and are still flowing in variety as the future we will portray.



7017 Kaleidoscope, 萬.華.京-18,176 Days of Sculpture
Seoul 7017

The graphic design of the exhibition is a patterned and reconstructed image of plants planted in Seoullo 7017. It has been applied in various print media such as posters, postcards and banners. Space design was planned by utilizing the characteristics of the circular form of space. The environment was constructed and designed with materials such as wood, glass, and plants. It had to compress more than 40 years and present the data in a small space. Therefore, they put letters on top of a furniture design with a bookcase as a motif to convey the core story. It will also secure a space where technical elements such as Aduino can be incorporated into the furniture.





Kaleidoscope Media

Every day, hundreds of visitors visit the exhibition hall in Seoullo 7017. Rebel9 has designed a screen that counts and adds up the number of visitors on the day and transmits them. Also, visitors experience viewing materials in a different from time to time. Arduino is installed behind the furniture to respond to visitors’ exploratory behavior. Visitors touch the number on the tree and talk about the number.


The content offered under 12 themes provides a chat-type media with the creation process and changes of Seoullo 7017, a subject that may be somewhat difficult. The story is delivered in a chat-type way that can read the story interactively. Easy and light chat-type media is easily accessible to men and women of all ages. The background of the chat window shows the four seasons of Seoullo 7017.





visitor aggregation's media
exhibition preface
chat type media (Spring)
chat type media (Autumn)
chat type media (Summer)
chat type media (Winter)
Seoullo 7017 in four season
3D Concept Movie Clip
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