Chang Ucchin Art Canvas – Da Vinci Box Project

Rebel9 designed and developed the experience media Chang Ucchin Art Canvas – Da Vinci Box Project (hereinafter referred to as Chang Ucchin Artbox) for a century celebration of the birth of Chang Ucchin who is one of the representatives of modern Korean fine art.


As appreciating Chang Ucchin’s work, viewers can have options to choose 4 images of his work. Using smart pen rebel9 designed, Visitors will be able to read stories hidden in selected works. The viewer puts the elements of the picture that they want to save in the smart pen. When you press the light pen button, the elements of the picture you have collected are appreared over the white canvas. Visitors arrange their pieces in various ways to create their own works. If you press the print button, you can print your own Chang Ucchin pictures. Chang Ucchin Artbox presents a new way of experiencing the art works. Visitors can actively interpret the works in their own perspectives. You can experiecne this new media at the National Sejong Library within the ongoing exhibition.

Chang Ucchin Art Canvas - Da Vinci Box Project
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