Gochon Hall STEAM Education program

The Gochon Hall Convergence Education Program is a project to develop exhibition-linked education programs in the form of a combination of game-based role-playing, VR, and AR media for visitors to Gochon Hall. Program participants will experience the missions related to museum collections and exhibition stories in storytelling that combines tablet game apps, VR, and AR. In particular, we collaborated with a professional theater company to design the entire program so that the participants of the program could immerse more in the story.

Teaser Film
Program Official Film
Students should solve every mission with questions on their tablet PC.
Students start their first project as a researcher
Suddenly, the virus spreads and students are given missions
Check the mission through a message left by Dr. Ko
Students are offered a tablet PC
We need to solve the mission in a fixed time
Performs the mission through AR
There is a secret hidden in the model's
A clue is hidden in the secret document
After each step, the data is transferred to the central computer
We need to unlock the secret through VR missions
Students are going to actually make the medicine that they've identified through the mission
The mission is complete when you manufacture the vaccine
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