K-POP Concept Store: PALETTE

Concept store ‘Palette’ collaborated with Lotte Department Store has started with a question, how K-pop content can be a new experience in existing commercial space. A new experience, not just that sells artist goods and products, merging with exhibition and retail experience must be a communication platform for connecting the artists and fandom.


To meet a new artist and music all the time, a ‘playground’ strategy is our approach regardless of its media is analogue or digital. Considering the environment of periodic changes of K-pop artist, in the core of space planning the content management systems is lied.

M01 | Colorway : Interactive Artist Wall

Welcome space to attract customer is shining with a color, song, and lyrics through media wall. The lighting system with the artist can be changed, and media wall is in response to a particular position of the visitors.

When a person passes TV panel, the typography reacts.

M02 | Love on the Wall : Interactive Photo Wall

A photo wall provides artist photos, sometimes an undisclosed artist’s photographs. Visitors can leave a ‘Likes’ in their favorite artist photo.

Visitors can leave a ‘Likes’ in their favorite artist photo

M03 | Kino : Artist Stage

You see that a special stage through the Colorway. And with 4K resolution system music videos of artists will be an immersive experience. It will provide the sense of like being in a middle of artist’s music video.

M04 | Showcase of Memories : Showcase Media Wall

Space that’s displayed by artist’s latest goods and collections of their own. Color of artist that varies according to lighting system and media wall meet fans of artist.

M05 | Story Goods : Artist Story Panel

At the concept store, the retail space will also be an experience and exhibition space. Through a modular media panel system that can be moved and used according to the plan, display space can be changed into content area.

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