The Life of People In A Procession Program

Rebel9 designed and developed an exhibition model prototypes at the Children’s Cultural Center of the Asia Culture Center. This project aims to have adolescent participant  experience the exhibition through the process of conversation, creation, role play and collaboration. The participants in the program will get to view the procession as well. The procession involves asking different kinds of stories on marriages, what processes do our ancestors go through to get married, what kind of roles did people play in preparation of a wedding, the type of clothes people wore.


The question ‘Where are the People Going?’ is posed to child participants in the form of a projection mapping and graphic panels. The children can also make a composition of their own by selecting the specific elements they want in the actual picture, and printing them. All this while giving them an experience that helps them understand the explanation of each element.


The children can also choose and try on clothes that appears in the procession. With the use of NFC technology in each of these clothes, the child will then be able to see an image of themselves on the composed and projected on the screen depending on the clothes that they choose to wear!

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