Post Atlas

Atlas is destined to bear the land he has created for life. This is a punishment for his crime. Atlas is like a symbol that connects the destroyed world view with the birth of its subsequent world view. The ever-moving conveyor system and machine-arm symbolized by Deus Ex Machina is the self-overconfidence of a system called God, who is said to be able to create any world view. But the world view that appears above it is not the world that God paints, but the world that all our generations own but do not share. Multiverse appears one after another like actors on stage. But the world view inevitably awaits the sequence of the collapses, and visitors who want to observe something from Atlas’ perspective are placed in front of the impossibility of observing.


Post Atlas, Project-Rebel9

Garden of Sins, Elephantspace


Project-Atals, Post Atlas, 2018, 790×2800×550mm, Rubber Conveyor Belt, TV Monitor, Camera, Kinetic Sensor, Robot Arms, Compuprint, Figures, Software


Written and Directed by Sunhyuck Kim

Production Manager: Jungwook Kim

Robot and Hardware Developer: Sunmyeon Jang

Camera and Sensor Developer: Jungmin Seol

Scripter: Seungchul Jeon

Graphic Designer: Boram Jang, Juhee Byun, Heeyeon Yun

Photographer: Sangtae Kim

Film: Hanhee Cho

Supported by Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture

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